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We are Best for Agri Products Buy and SELL

Farmer Bazaar is one of Gujarat's fastest-growing marketplace that allows users to buy, sell and rent agriculture products providing live market rates to the farmers.

Our aim is to empower the farmer by providing them with buyers and quality information. This will help in making agriculture practice efficient, sustainable, and profitable.

Using Farmer Bazaar, sellers can post their products for selling or renting, buyers can browse through the products or add posts for specific requirements. The application serves as a Communication Bridge between the buyers and sellers!

  • Smart

    Farmer Bazaar is available in three languages: English, Hindi, and Gujarati with the latest updated features.

  • Easy

    Farmer Bazaar is a very easy and friendly mobile application for agriculture products to buy and sell.

  • Trusted

    Farmer Bazaar is a trusted application for agricultural products. All our users are verified.

Farmer Bazaar Application

Explore Our Best Features

Farmer Bazaar is also available in Gujarati and Hindi.

This app provides the latest updates of market rates of almost all APMCs(Mandis) of Gujarat. Our app updates the farmers about the latest agriculture news from all over the globe. We provide informative agriculture content and actionable information at every stage of the crop cycle.

Our app also gives inspirational stories of successful farmers of India.

  • Post for Buy

    Users can browse through the post and can add a new post mentioning their requirements.

  • Post for Sell

    Submit post for selling your agricultural products like fruits, vegetables and crops everything.

  • My Crop

    Guidelines and informative content regarding the latest practices related to agriculture. This information can also be heard as an audible.

  • Post for Rent

    Submit post for rent your agricultural tools like Tractor, Truck, and Harvester etc.

  • Forums

    Submit your agriculture-related help post/queries and get help from the community.

  • Contact

    Check Seller's location and Contact contact via WhatsApp or Call.

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